Bio: I am writing what I think in order to read my thoughts. I am writing what I say in order to say more. I am writing to set myself free of the programmed self. I am writing to share experience, rather than give a lecture.

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  1. I want to sincerely thank you for following my blog at, “Beyond The Cracked Window”. I like your perspective and hope you write as much as you possibly can!
    Too often our, “conditioning,” places a limiter or filter on our thoughts and emotions but it is possible to undo much of that and writing is a very good antidote, not only for the writer but it is often cathartic for the reader as well. – Stephen


  2. Hey there! Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog :) I really appreciate it, and hope that some of my posts will touch you. I read your most recent post and was quite intrigued. It’s true that we often shape the thoughts of youth without meaning to sometimes. Parents often think that they are doing what is best for their child, teaching them social norms and what is “right” or “wrong”. I’m not a parent, so I can’t say much on that. But I do think that they do not mean harm. I hope that through writing you continue to find happiness, relief, and self acceptance. Have a great day :)


  3. I started writing, honestly a number of years ago now, and at first I told myself I’d write only for me and God. And since God already knew all about me, it was primarily for just me. And I promised myself I’d put my writing under my bed and not show anyone else. That way I could be honest, even with myself.
    Now, some is just trash and drivel that doesn’t make much sense even to me, and it stays under the bed, but more often than not, I find that a few others connect with things I’m walking through, feelings, relationships, ways of understanding myself, others and the world around me. And I’m really enjoying the small connected conversations that arise from something I’ve said about where my head is currently, and where I see it going. Thanks for the follow on my site. And I hope you keep diving deeper into the things you love and uncover more and more of who you are becomming.



  4. I’ve read two of your posts this morning and want to encourage you to keep writing out your thoughts. It’s a great way to get to know yourself better. Understanding the reasons why we think and feel the way we do is the most freeing experience. It’s why I write, and I hope my posts touch others as well. My best to you in your journey!


  5. Thanks for following my blog! Deprogramming is programming too I guess. But I try to mitigate “bugs” in my system at the best of my abilities. Good luck on your task :-)

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