Oh, Canada!

The biggest negative issue in this is that I stop daring to dream and pursue those dreams. At the end of the day it is our choice. Wether we are going to be merchant or the boy in search of his treasure. Should we dare or not to dare to follow our omens?‘ – ‘For a better tomorrow’

Since then many things happen. Biggest and most significant one was moving to Canada. I have visited North America before, but this was my first six months away from Europe. It was probably one of the best decisions I made, to just pack my bags and leave. With no phone and 9 hours away from everyone I knew. What a beautiful reset button that was. Six months of British Columbia.

Far away from everybody, alone with my self.

It helped me a lot, to just look whats inside and try find a way to enjoy things I am doing and stay calm. It made me realise more of my passions and interests by gaining more experience in every level of being.

‘School system and me had to split up after 17 long years of relationship. I think it was enough from both sides, at least for now.’‘For a better tomorrow’

School system and me are back together. To be honest I was searching for other schools and trying to transfer somewhere, but one day, in Vancouver it just hit me: I am in not in the wrong school, I am in the wrong department. I realized I enjoy way of working in documentary and reportage photography more than fashion and advertising.

I went back to books, websites, movies and other inspiration I had before the academy. It seems like I really lost myself somewhere on the way, which made it a struggle for me to produce in fiction department. I realised I enjoy fashion in my closet rather than building content for fashion magazines. Deep down I am voyeur, a creeper, fly on the wall; no one sees me, but I see everything. Sounds like Orwell’s Big Brother :)

Once I realised those passions and interests, I could find my work flow and peace of mind.

To cut the story down, I am back in studies from September on. Graduation date: somewhere January, 2017. Soon.

‘There is an Eastern European proverb saying it is a long path over the thorns. I say it is long, bloody, painful, draining, depressing; but hey! it is worth it at the end, and I am going to elaborate on that, once it happens :)
Patience is the key I guess.’ – ‘For a better tomorrow’

Patience is a mother of existence.

I am on this long path over the thorns, but once I learnt how to love the thorns and soak  from every step it is worth it all the way, not just at the end. We need to stay calm in our heads, spread love from our hearts, create with our hands; and most of all mix those ingredients together and be patient, in order to live the fullest potential of ourselves.

Take care of yourself first, the rest will come.